Sundus Salaam

Born in to a community orientated family in February 1975 in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, Sundas has been involved with the local community for over 30 years.  Volunteering has been her passion from a very young age!  From as young as 13 years old she volunteered with Khizra Masjid helping to run a girls youth club during the school holidays, laying the foundations for her future.

After graduating from Liverpool John Moore’s University in 1999 after studying Pharmacy, she opted for a career change as she found more satisfaction in working with her community, like her late father! In 2002 she joined SEDI (Social Enterprise Development Initiative) Ltd and took on an Administration role and was then promoted as the company’s Internal Manager; overseeing several ESF (European Social Funds) research projects which were being delivered across different regions and she also worked in writing funding applications; human resources and staff development.

In 2011, she lead on a two year pioneering campaign, raising awareness on the importance of recycling in the BME community in North Manchester;   how to recycle at home and researched in to the barriers and reasons why residents do not recycle properly.  In 2013, a large interfaith clean up was organised and supported by the local Councillors and local businesses.  This project was a great achievement as it was nominated as a runner up in 2012, for the ‘Best Community Recycling Initiative’ at the National Awards ceremony, ‘Awards For Excellence’, in recycling and waste management.

In 2015, she was a founding director of Al-Hilal Regeneration Enterprise CIC.  Still playing a key role as a team player with her fellow colleagues, she finds it truly rewarding working with the local community, aspiring to touch people’s lives in whatever way she can.  She believes that empowering women and young people is instrumental in creating a better neighbourhood in the future.

She has been home educating her two daughters from the past five years and finds much satisfaction in doing so.  Fluent in Punjabi and Urdu, she is able to network and access many members from the community.  In her spare time she loves meeting with family and friends and enjoys relaxing at home with her daughters and her cats.

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