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Al-Hilal Regeneration Enterprise (CIC), a grassroots local community interest company (CIC) based in North Manchester, places great emphasis on working with women and young people from a BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) background. The geographical area we serve is mainly North Manchester, primarily Cheetham and Crumpsall and the surrounding areas. Initially named Cheetham Al-Hilal Community Project, established in 1978, it was later rebranded and taken over by three passionate local ladies, who became Directors on 6th June 2015. The vision of the directors remains the same as the founder of the organisation and they themselves celebrated the successes and achievements of the old organisation and were instrumental to seeing it develop over the years.

Our Latest Projects


Al Hilal Project has been running projects for the community for many years, focussing particularly on the youth and engaging meaningfully with local communities based on their needs such as health and wellbeing, running exercise and healthy cooking classes, exploring alternative therapies and raising funds for the war torn, marginalised and afflicted people around the world and at home

One of their latest projects was bringing together teenagers to reflect and learn about their surroundings, the geography and history of where they live, engaging them in creating a greater awareness and valuing being a part of the community.

Having such projects is extremely beneficial as it engages those who ordinarily wouldn’t engage in activities due to differences in cultures and languages.  Harnessing the participation of local people is core to developing more caring communities and can increase a sense of confidence and broader awareness of the challenges and solutions which we can work on together.

To the  unsung heroes of our communities.  God Bless you for all that you do.

Assia Shah

Local Chaplain and Community Organiser

I came across Al Hilal Regen through the Youth related workshops they have run.

One of the reasons why I sent my children to the Al Hilal youth club was for them to learn to engage and interact with children and adults who they are not use to.

My children were continuously encouraged to be proud of their skills and were praised consistently. In the process they learnt so much about the community and were involved and active in all team activities.

The difference in their confidence is amazing. Thank you.

Mariam Zaman

Local Parent & Teacher

I have lived in the Cheetham Hill area for almost 15 years now and as a parent & somebody who people seek advice and counselling from, I have always felt that there is a greater need for activities and space for young people as well as women and their children.

I was therefore very pleased to see the calibre and focus in the work of Al Hilal Regen Enterprise who have delivered a range of professional Parent and Toddler Groups, youth work Health and spoken word events.
My family have benefitted and I will always be happy to support such an organisation led by Women but for everybody..

Sheikh Anis

I have been involved in Al Hilal for more than 20 years ( Before it rebranded itself) as an active volunteer.

I and my children continue to participate and volunteer in many community projects organised by Al Hilal Regeneration CIC.
In 2017, North Manchester Sisters (NMS) Community group was established ( I was one of the co-founders). NMS and AlHilal Regeneration CIC have been working collaboratively in community events to promote community cohesion and to tackle social isolation.

It has been a pleasure to work with Sandra,Robina and Sundus on the many projects and I am looking forward to having many more productive collaborations between NMS and Al Hilal

Zurina Ali

Co-Founder North Manchester Sisters Community Group

I am a regular attendee of the Near Neighbours coffee mornings which I have found to exceptionally beneficial in bringing communities together from different backgrounds and ages. There are regular talks on different aspects of life skills which have helped the ladies attending who otherwise wouldn’t have the knowledge, confidence or experience to seek help support and guidance. Well done to the team behind it and I hope that it continues in the foreseeable future as it’s a valuable asset and venue for people of all faiths to come and share their experiences.

Shmaila Akhtar

Al-Hilal has provided the community with a lot activities, events and workshops for everyone in the community. I have attended a lot of events and took part in workshops. My children also regularly attended the Al-Hilal toddler group which they really enjoyed.

Shaheen Khan

I worked with Al-Hilal as a volunteer for nearly 3 years. I enjoyed working there, it was a lovely workplace and very friendly atmosphere. The best thing about it was the community spirit and those that I worked with were really helpful and kind.

Ghadeer Hammad

nursery nurse

As a young first time mother, not having lived in Cheetham Hill for very long, the Al-Hilal Parent and toddlers group provided me with many things for which I’m grateful. It provided me a place to meet young mothers like myself in a safe and inviting atmosphere. It provided me with a stimulating environment for my child to learn in and explore with provisions I was unable to provide myself.

It provided me with opportunities to meet professionals in the healthcare system through which I received speech therapy for my child, valuable information about a nutritious diet and exercise among many other things.
I can’t thank the organisation and the incredibly hard working people behind it enough for their valuable time, effort and care for the community.

Local Parent

I was new to the Cheetham Hill area and found Al-Hilal at first a group for social networking. However, this is far from the truth; the foundation helped me tremendously in making life long friends, exploring activities such as planning a health fair for local community to empower women with right tools to look after their physical and mental health. I loved that this is a group of highly educated and professional women yet welcomes all. It does mean that most activities are executed as scheduled and everyone can take part.


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